Mission statement and vision

Our Mission is to end  the lowest form of poverty by removing the structural barriers to women's economic growth and gender equality through skills acquisition training, advocacy and access to finance.

Our goals:

  • To galvanize the drive for personal growth and the emergence of visible improvement in the socio-economic conditions of women and girls: providing the platform for the battle against poverty, despondency and vulnerability in the lives of women and girls.
  • To greatly reduce the incidence of poverty with economic tools tending towards the realization of life’s goals.
  • To enhance the ability of women and girls to conceptualize a wining life style to ensure that they can confidently deal with all issues that may occur in any aspect of their lives.
  • Raising socio-economically active women and girls. To awaken the entrepreneurial capacity in every woman: To aggressively seek out business ideas and opportunities and expose them to women as well as offer them business development services (BDS). Helping women to identify their entrepreneurship potentials and nurturing them into profitable businesses.
  • To mentor young girls and ladies: to coach them on becoming worthy tomorrow’s women and leaders.  To rescue and train them on how to avoid sexual exploitations, vulnerability, manipulations and various forms of trafficking.  To impart in them the virtue of self reliance from an early age. To help teenage girls realize their dreams of being who they want to be: equipping them to overcome life’s greatest challenges.
  • To promote the fight against prostitution, debasement of womanhood, violence against women and trampling on their rights. To ensure the recovery of the dignity and self-worth of women who have embraced prostitution and other vices as a means of assuaging hunger and poverty induced by lack.
  • To consistently be at the vanguard of the war against the oppression, victimization and abuse of widows:- to seek out tools and channels that will bring them relief and succor.

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