Why we do what we do

Many women are suffering, not because they are lazy, but because they lack the necessary information, exposure, training and support. Majority of the world’s illiterates are women and the United Nations statistics also confirm that of all the children not in school, 110 million are girls. Women comprise 70% of the world’s poorest people and it’s sad to know that most government policies are gender insensitive.  Women bear almost all responsibilities for meeting the basic needs of the family, yet they are systematically denied the resources and freedom of action they need to fulfill this responsibilities.

It is true that both men and women face hardship and poverty, but women and girls face additional obstacles and discrimination because of their gender as well as other cultural practices.
A lot of women have developed high blood pressure and chronic depression arising from miserable family circumstances where husbands/fathers have shifted the weight of running the homes to these women.  Most of these women eventually die as a result of injuries sustained during marital conflicts, while others have been reduced to a shadow of their former selves, having to beg their spouses for virtually everything they need.

A lot of teenage girls have become commercial sex workers due to poverty, illiteracy, greed and vulnerability while others have embraced alcoholism and drugs as a means of survival and overcoming depression. So many women cannot afford proper medical check-ups and medications hence end up dying rather untimely.

Many women are currently dis-satisfied with their present life styles and living conditions, a lot cannot afford three meals a day and this has made so many homes and marriages to become hellish and unbearable. Apart from offering relief and succor through empowerment, dynamic counseling and support, our major strategy is impacting them with self-development skills, confidence building and recovery of self-dignity: helping them to discover their true-worth and equipping them with creative survival options, providing them with access to standard health care, and financial authority as solution to ravaging poverty and miserable family conditions particularly now that the labour arena is dominant with down-sizing, unabated high labour turnover, premature retirement and retrenchment credited to reforms and restructuring, unavailability of jobs and gender based harassments and victimization.

We understand that many women particularly widows bear the burden of providing for their families all alone and are barely surviving, coupled with constant harassment, intimidation and victimization from in-laws and kinsmen.  We are on hand to reach out to the down trodden, the neglected, the widows, the vulnerable young girls, the victimized, the abused and dejected women. We provide and give them a new lease on life by positively engaging them using the most effective tools and channels designed to alleviate their sufferings while at the same time, helping them to achieve their goals and purposes in life.

We believe that women and girls are multi-talented people, capable of carrying out various chores all at once, and excelling at them all.  This is why we strongly encourage them to fully maximize these talents deposited in them, especially now that women are becoming exceedingly phenomenal in global issues, and the world is opening up to the resourcefulness of women as they are daily rising up to the challenges in governance and in the management, control and ownership of large business empires.

At the Selfworth teen academy, we believe in planting the seed early by empowering young girls for social and personal transformation utilizing basic skills and information on self-development principles, leadership skills, diplomatic skills, etiquette, confidence and self-esteem, date-rape, abstinence, relationship skills, avoiding tempting moral offers, community development, blazing a trail, character development, internet relationships and fraud and personal hygiene. We envision a nation where girls become active leaders and passionately engaged citizens.

We believe that girls who are better prepared as they grow up will be able to gain more confidence in themselves and sustain it throughout their adulthood.

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