Women are the conducts through which lasting change is made, investing in women and girls is the best way to fight global poverty and is sure to yield large social and economic returns, because women are more likely to spend their earnings on their families, their children, on education and on health care. We empower and reach out to women and girls through our four distinct platforms: health care services, poverty alleviation and family support, teen girls empowerment and project hope: Intervention and provision of basic school needs for girls and children in Local primary Schools. (See our areas of focus for more details)

We cannot do it alone, without your kind support and donation, most of these life transforming projects and needs would likely remain unmet.

Make an impact where it matters most. Help give these poor women a second chance to re-write their stories and re-invent themselves.  Your little can go a very long way.  Indeed small donations can yield big results.  Your little token can make a huge difference in a woman’s life and health.  Let’s get them back on their feet again, your giving can save a girls life and break cycles of destructive and vulnerable life styles.  Yes, your sacrificial giving can provide brand new school shoes, stockings, school bags, under-wear and lunch boxes for poor and under-privileged Primary School Girls.

Certainly, your donation will give them reasons to live again and will restore self-esteem, confidence and the courage to look hopefully to the future.

Your giving means that it’s not over for them, that someone still cares.

Take Action Now – visit any branch of Zenith Bank Plc., or do a money transfer

  • Account Name:        Selfworth Organization for women development
  • Account Number:     101 310 3625


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