Selfworth Organization for Women Development

...Rebuilding lives, restoring hope, empowering women and girls to fulfill their dreams.

The above named organization is a dynamic, practical and remarkable non-governmental organization (N.G.O) that is driving positive socio-Economic change across the nation through advocacy, outreach and empowerment.  We seek to address the challenges that confront women and girls especially the not so opportuned ones by championing the advocacy for their empowerment and inspiring them to realize their full potentials.  

We take it a step further by empowering them with free access to qualitative healthcare services, professional entrepreneurial trainings and financial grants for business startups, empowering the young school girls in our society with basic skills to foster personal transformation as well as to provide them with some basic necessities and items to drive economic and social change in order to greatly reduce the incidence of promiscuity, low self-acceptance and assisting them to build a strong sense of identity in order to break life-time cycles of destructive behaviours and life styles.

We are deeply committed to the recovery of the dignity and self-esteem of these women and girls as basic steps to reducing poverty, vulnerability, exposure to diseases and miserable family situations so as to make life more bearable and worth living for them especially with the current uncertain economic situation of the country which exposes our young girls and women to compromising life styles. Read More

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