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The president and founder of Selfworth Organization for Women Development, Mrs. Anokwuru Chinyere, a renowned capacity building strategist has extensive experience and expertise in training and specialized skills development.  She has attended many courses locally and internationally on a wide range of business and entrepreneurship development projects.

Mrs. Chinyere Anokwuru has a deep seated passion for women development and empowerment and has been involved in this sector for over a decade. She has played a crucial role in alleviating the sufferings of women and in championing the cause for their empowerment.

She is a seasoned grassroots reformer, an excellent motivational speaker, a passionate helper, a radical giver and a mentor to thousands of young girls and women.  She is an accomplished writer and author, and a graduate of Lagos State University.  Her personal experiences and less privileged background birthed in her the burden help women and girls in need and a deep ache to help them fulfill their dreams.  It was out of this burden that the vision of Selfworth Organization for Women Development was born. 

The vision of Selfworth is founded on the true life experiences of the national president who grew up in the slums of Abject and Extreme Poverty, where feeding and accessing other basic social amenities of life were regarded as a luxury.  Despite being born into such a humble and disadvantaged background, she was able to break through those barriers and went ahead to make something meaningful out of her life and career.  She believes that your background should not keep your back on the ground and that everyone can re-write their stories and re-invent themselves.  This is why she is so passionate about the plight and challenges that confront women and teen girls and desires to make successes of them all, particularly the ones with not so privileged backgrounds. She is recognized as an accomplished and charismatic facilitator, trainer and lecturer having coordinated top level seminars and events.  She has led complex assignments bringing her time tested expertise to bear on the assignments.

The organization holds regular, impactful and interactive seminars and trainings featuring other successful business and professional women speaking on their success stories.

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