Our areas of focus

Selfworth organization for women development has four major projects and areas of focus through which we seek to improve the lives of women and girls.

  • (1) Project Live : This is our healthcare support and awareness progamme. It is designed to ensure that women’s health become a national issue because we believe that good health is directly linked to a successful life.  Because we also know that women have unique health needs and challenges, we embark on regular health awareness campaigns, seminars and workshops especially in the rural areas as basic steps to reducing vulnerability and exposure to different diseases especially with the current uncertain economic situation of the country which exposes our young girls and women to compromising lifestyles.  We provide life-saving medical screenings and check-ups for women and young girls. We embark on regular visits to health institutions and donate medical items and equipment to them.  We also talk with and encourage the female patients that are on admission and present them with nutritional provisions and other health supplies as required.  We take it a step further by assisting them with their medical bills.  These amongst other things helps them to heal faster, alleviates their pains and fosters hope.  This project educates women and girls, about how different diseases affect women uniquely and differently than men.

  • (2) Project Earn: This is our poverty alleviation and family support program.  This project is exclusively designed to awaken the entrepreneurial capacity of women.  We empower women with tips and skills to excel in business in order to guarantee a steady source of income, enhanced and qualitative living and financial freedom.  The widows who now bear the burden alone of providing for their families are also empowered financially and trained in diverse skills to be self-reliant and able to fend for themselves and their families.  We also provide them with food, clothing and other necessary basic needs aimed at alleviating their sufferings.

    We employ the tools of micro-lending, capacity building, skills acquisitions, computer appreciation, entrepreneurial and leadership training, financial grants, inspiring and motivational seminars as vital tools for the successful delivery and efficient implementation of this project.  This is because we believe in the popular adage that says “empower a man, and you have empowered an individual, but empower a woman, and you have empowered an entire family.  We are fully into family service and we offer assistance to families that are struggling to meet their daily needs.

    The major emphasis of this project is to equip women with creative survival options and give them a new lease on life, in order for them to re-invent themselves. 
  • (3) Project Inspire: This is our teen girls empowerment program. We believe in planting the “seed” very early in girls to impart life’s purpose,
  • Leadership skills and character development
  • Diplomatic skills on how to avoid tempting moral offers
  • Personal hygiene
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Basic etiquette and social skills
  • Abstinence education
  • Date-rape
  • Community development and service
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Mentoring opportunity
  • Relationship skills plus a variety of other “how to” and self help workshops.  To impart in them the virtue of self-reliance from an early age.

    The need to address the very heart of issues confronting girls and the ache to set them on the right paths early on in life in order for them to fully maximize their potentials as well as avoid costly mistakes in life birthed in us the zeal to set-up the “Selfworth teen academy” a bi-monthly meet up forum designed to empower teenage girls with a strong sense of identity and timely skills for personal and social transformation in order to break life-time cycles of destructive behaviours and life styles.

    The trainings and going-ons at the academy are conducted in a warm, friendly, dignifying, exciting and interactive manner targeted to inspire girls to have the voice, ability and problem solving capacity to speak up, be decision makers, create visionary change and ability to compete favourably with their counterparts from the developed countries.

    We equip the girls with personal hygiene and goodie kits to promote contentment and to greatly reduce the incidence of promiscuity and inferiority complex tending towards low self-acceptance.

  • (4) Project Hope: You cannot separate the child from the mother:  With our wealth of experience as a non governmental organization and daily interactions with women and children from all walks of life, we have discovered that children from less privileged backgrounds are hugely attacked and overwhelmed with a high sense of inferiority complex, especially when they are not properly kitted for school. 

    They usually attend school in torn uniforms and use nylon bags to carry their books instead of proper school bags.  Their stockings are either torn or stained or most often without stockings.  Other times you find them without school shoes or with their toes peeking out of their worn out shoes, while some of them put on bathroom slippers to school. Such children especially the boys, in a bid to hide their inferiority complex are usually noisy, boisterous, bullies and stir-up trouble at the slightest chance just to ruffle up their well turned out counterparts.

    On the other hand, girls in this same category are often withdrawn, ashamed, always alone, friendless and suffer from self-pity.

    This situation is no fault of theirs since their mothers and families who are facing financial difficulties are more concerned with trying to put food into their stomachs and are likely to be less concerned about their appearances.

    These children are our leaders of tomorrow, our pencils of promise and our hope of a brighter future.  We locate them in their local primary schools and adorn them with brand new school shoes, lunch boxes, water bottles, stockings, school bags, under wear, purchase of new school uniforms, payment of school and examination fees and provision of hot meals and a glass of milk which most of them have not tasted in years.



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